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We provide skill-building groups by telephone for Personal & Professional Development. They may change from time to time so, please drop us a note by e-mail for additional information or to participate in a group. 

         Professional Women’s Power Lunch Tele-Group

         W.O.W. Group (Women Out of Work)

         Leadership - Leading with Intention, Integrity & Social Responsibility

         Community In Action (Social Responsibility – Giving Back)

To request a coaching or training proposal for your Company, e-mail us and include
 the following information in the text box:  Contact Us 

1)A brief description of your coaching or training needs.

2)The topic(s) interested in presenting to your employees, managers, or executives.

3)The number of people who would attend.

4)Format needed (Tele-seminar by phone/e-mail, Webinar, or In-person on-site). 

5)Date(s) and times employee/manager is available for coaching, or you are considering 
     for the training(s).

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Free Classes 

Join us for free 1 hour classes, or 1-hour tele-classes (by phone), on health, wellness, nutrition, holistic health, meditation, stress management, pain management, addictions, relationships, behavioral health and other topics. Class hand-outs and resources provided. E-mail us for our current calendar and e-newsletter.

Workshops & Tele-Classes

Enjoy informative, experiential and interactive local workshops and Tele-Classes (workshops convenient from anywhere by telephone) on a variety of topics. Discussion and questions are always welcomed. Many of our workshops and classes are held in our South Florida office Capacity is limited to 25 workshop and up to 100 Tele-Class participants. For workshops with a greater number of attendees, local facilities are rented for the trainings. Request an updated e-calendar of events.

Home Study Courses 

Purchase any of our study materials for personal or professional development through our secured online server and we ship them directly to you. Professional social workers, mental health counselors, marriage & family therapists and addiction professionals needing continuing education may take up to a year to study the materials, complete and return the accompanying test and evaluation form, and, upon attaining a passing score of 80% or greater, will receive your CE certificate.

Continuing Education Courses 

Behavioral Training Institute is a Registered Continuing Education Provider for the State of Florida Department of Health, Division of Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and Marriage and Family Therapists, Provider #BAP-428, Exp. 3/31/13.

Our Florida CEUs are also accepted by many other states and can also be used by Addiction Professionals for recertification. 

For Our Business & Corporate Clients

Consulting ~ Coaching

Besides helping people to be their personal best, we also offer corporate and business services specifically designed for improving your “human resource”, workforce productivity, cooperation, team-building and your bottom line. Behavioral Training Institute offers services to business and corporate clients to help them improve interpersonal communication and interactions, decrease stress and improve over-all health, maintain or re-establish normalcy during or after a crisis, and work with individuals through counseling, or coaching to help them cope effectively to re-enter the workforce.  

Coaching may be needed from time to time to work more intensively with one or more of your executives, managers, employees or teams for a more rapid change. We customize Coaching plans for individuals, teams, management and executive groups. Only about 10%-15% of coaching is provided on-site, the majority of coaching services are provided through the telephone and e-mail. With sensitivity to your busy schedule, appointments are available either in the morning, noontime, or evening hours, Eastern time zone.  

Our coaching is available for individuals, small business owners, managers, teams, executives, entrepreneurs, creative minds, people in life transitions, men and women in recovery for 6 months or longer, community organizations, agencies and treatment facilities.

For those people only in need of skill-building, goal-setting, improvement in personal and professional success, we offer Coaching packages priced for all budgets.  

So whether you want to improve yourself or your company, or help one or more of your employees or executives, we can consult with you and design a coaching package that will work for you.


We provide various forms of trainings on-site, by tele-conference, e-mail, home study, at conferences and retreats. After consulting with you, we will custom design a training program to help you achieve your goals. Our focus is in supporting the development or improvement of leadership, “soft” skills, communication and cooperation with others, individual and team productivity and improvement of the company’s bottom line. Our custom-designed trainings align with your personal or company’s philosophy and needs. Our trainers have knowledge and skills in working with a variety of topics and diverse groups of people.  

Some offerings could include: Interpersonal Communication Skills, Team-Building, Workplace Violence, Conflict Management, Domestic Violence Overflowing into the Workplace, Substance Abuse Issues, Stress Management, Professional Codependency, Burnout, our Leadership series, Crisis Response and Crisis Debriefing (CISD).

Because of the economy and many companies cutting back on expenses, most of these trainings are designed to also be available as Tele-Classes offered by teleconference and e-mail, allowing us to offer them at a savings to your company by eliminating travel & lodging fees. Of course, if you would rather, we would arrange for you to have one or more of our speakers to provide an on-site seminar.  

Teleconference Sessions for Issues Affecting the Workplace

Occasionally issues arise in the workplace in need of immediate attention and resolution or they can affect employee morale, customer service and productivity. No travel arrangements or extra expenses to concern you. We are just a phone call away to help you resolve issues undermining your company and employee performance through our Trainings by Telephone.  

Some of the topics that we can help with include:  

Improving “Soft Skills”

  -Interpersonal Communication

  - Conflict Resolution/Anger Management (for Individuals or Teams)

  - Professional Codependency – Healthy Boundaries Decrease Burnout 

  - #1 KILLER - Understanding Stress for the Health of It!

Crisis – Emotional Management in the Aftermath of Disaster 

Understanding Chemical Dependency – Drugging & Drinking Spilling over in the Workplace

How Co-Workers Can Help A Domestic Violence (Spousal Abuse) Victim 

Leading with Intention & Integrity

Personal Growth 


Mental/Emotional Health 

Professional Development 

Jump-Start Success –  Special Coaching-For-A-Day program for individuals with goals; 
                                       Entrepreneurs ready to Launch; Business people with neglected projects;  
                                       Procrastinators needing an action plan with achievable deadlines.

In Cases of Crisis, Critical Incidents or Events (CISD)

Crisis Services

Occasionally crisis situations occur that directly, or indirectly, affect a portion or the whole workforce of a business. A company may be impacted by a traumatic incident caused by a natural disaster, terrorist threats or attacks, violent crime, loss through injury, death or suicide of a co-worker, or other incidents causing a traumatic stress reaction in some, or all, of the workforce.

The “human resources” of a company are the people – the foundation of the business. Anything negatively impacting their lives, especially in their workplace during their work day, can create an psychologically unsafe environment for employees, whether actual or perceived. People under personal stress often bring it into the workplace, whether they want to or not. We often see an increase in mental distractions and difficulty in cognitive functioning – inability to focus, think, comprehend, reason and make decisions. There will also be an increase in substance abuse; the triggering or development of mental illness like anxiety or depression; poor coping and anger or rage; rise in domestic or partner violence; and various other forms of behavioral “acting out”. 

The aftermath of incidents or events like these can negatively impact employees, management, and shake the core of any corporation. Workforce morale and productivity will be down while absenteeism, risks to injury, and symptoms of stress response rise. 

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is available for those businesses whose employees have experienced a traumatic incident or event. Ideally this is performed within 24-72 hours of an incident to create the general stabilization of the workforce and their productivity, promote employee morale and safety, and minimize the further development of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). 

Without the CISD Crisis Intervention, some employees may develop complicated grief, PTSD, an anxiety or depressive disorder, or trigger other mental health or substance abuse issues. We can help to minimize workforce disruption, reduce sick days taken by employees, and loss of productivity through debriefing and assessment of employees, teams and management. Those requiring the attention of a licensed psychotherapist who specializes in Traumatic Stress, PTSD and/or Grief will be notified as well as the Human Resource or EAP Director. If you are in South Florida, we may be able to provide you with counseling services.

We can help with your Crisis Response Team needs. 
Should additional counseling become necessary, our team of 
licensed therapists and addiction professionals are available 
to respond with a specially designed treatment package for 
your executives and employees.  

Simply have your Human Resource or Personnel Department 
contact us with: 

     1)  A brief description of the crisis situation. 

     2)  The total number of employees who were affected by it and/or how many would attend the
          debriefing(s) or need counseling for the aftermath.

     3)  The date(s) and time workforce would be available for debriefing(s).  

Help is just an e-mail or phone call away.

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