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Counseling - Psychotherapy
Counseling Services Include :

  •  Free Initial Brief Telephone or E-mail Consultation
  •  Screenings & Assessments as Needed
  •  Individual Counseling Sessions (30-minute, 50-minute, or 90-minute sessions)
  •  Counseling for Couples (50-minute, 90-minute sessions)
  •  Pre-Marital or Pre-Commitment Ceremony Counseling (50-minute sessions)
  •  Civilized and Compassionate Separation, Divorce or Co-Parenting Counseling
  •  Addiction Counseling to Address Chemical Dependency & Recovery Issues
  •  Group Counseling (55 minute sessions)
  • Telephone Counseling throughout Florida
  •  E-mail Counseling
  •  Questionnaires & Quizzes
  •  Informational & Educational Handouts
  •  Resources
  •  Free and Low-Fee Educational Workshops & Classes by Phone & Webinar (see Trainings)
  •  One and Two Day Educational, Experiential Intensives and Boot Camps (see Trainings)
  •  Referrals When Appropriate
  •  Convenient Appointments 

Complimentary Consultation 

A brief complimentary consultation in our office, by telephone or e-mail is available to answer your questions and assess if we can provide the services you will need, or if we may need to provide you with resources or referrals to other clinicians.  

Screenings and Assessments

We provide many free screenings to the general public for a variety of health, mental health and recovery issues. Each new client will receive a thorough bio-psychosocial assessment during the initial session. By the second session, goals and a behaviorally-oriented treatment plan are developed between each client and their assigned therapist. If necessary, additional screenings will be provided to clients as they continue with the counseling process.

Individual Counseling

Sometimes life stressors or events may become too difficult to handle on your own. It can become necessary, and helpful, to work with someone who is not related, won’t judge you, is trained in listening and observing, offers options, strategies, skills and resources for you while valuing and maintaining confidential, ethical care. Depending on your specific needs, we will match a clinician with you to provide weekly 50-minute individual sessions. If it should become necessary to address and overcome a crisis, or to work more intensively on a specific issue, we can temporarily meet on a more frequent basis. If you are ready to look at what is working and what isn’t, heal past wounds, resolve problems, get “unstuck” and out of your “story”, it is time to call and receive the help you need. 

Call today to schedule your appointment.

Therapy for Couples 

There are many stressors today that place pressures on individuals that may make it more difficult to invest the time and nurturance necessary to create and sustain healthy, loving relationships. Communication may be lacking or break down, tensions and resentments may build. You may lash out at one another or withdraw from one another. Skilled intervention by a trained professional may be necessary to help you both reconnect, repair and rebuild your relationship. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Pre-Marital Counseling

We provide pre-marital counseling sessions for couples who, before the commitment of marriage or living together, want to learn how to identify and work through issues that will undermine their relationship. Skills are taught to help couples build a strong foundation to their relationship to help it last through difficult times. 

Email us for a checklist of what to look for before moving forward with your relationship.

Separation Counseling

Sometimes relationships can become overly stressed and so difficult that they result in separation. Depending on the circumstances, a separation may be healthy and helpful, but there are also times when it is only a symptom of deeper issues that one or both partners, for a variety of possible reasons, do not want to address and work through together. These issues typically will reappear in future relationships if not resolved.  Your relationship is worth exploring to see if reconciliation is a realistic possibility. Separation or divorce may not be the only available option.  Call today for an appointment.

Divorcing, Post-Divorce Counseling

Counseling for individuals, couples, and small groups is available to assist in the transition from being a couple to living as an individual during the divorce process and after papers are finalized. Many people need help with learning how to “un-couple”. Don’t take the unresolved issues into your next relationship. What worked years ago, may not be working today in your life or your relationship. Gain the skills to help you change your life and your future. 

Call to speak with one of our counselors or coaches.


Many parents have difficulty co-parenting. If you each had a different style of parenting when you began the marriage and neither of you have changed your approach, it will not change unless you both get on the same page, cooperate, before separation or divorce. Communication, skills and cooperation need to be learned to effectively parent through your child’s developmental stages. Parents must learn first and foremost to put the needs of their children above their own needs. Unfortunately, some parents don’t resolve their own issues prior to marriage. They may hold on to resentments, feed on anger and end up using their child or children as pawns in very immature and hurtful game-playing during marriage, separation or divorce. When parents are not parenting with the same message, children will learn to how to use one parent against the other to get their needs met. You can gain the awareness and skills you will need to co-parent more effectively. 

Join together with the mutual goal of co-parenting with love and intention with the support of one of our counselors or coaches.

Chemical Dependency & Recovery Issues

Many people have chemical dependency issues beyond the usual drugs and alcohol.People seek to have a certain “feeling”, “mood”, or altered reality” because they are not satisfied with the one they are living. They get “hooked” on that “feeling” that is created by a change in the brain chemistry – various hormones, dopamine, serotonin,endorphins, adrenalin are released and the results felt. In some people this can be caused when they have an emotional need to “fix” through over-active sexual activities, overeating, especially sugar/carbohydrates. For others it can show up as, over-exercising, compulsive shopping, smoking, speeding or high-risk activities providing an adrenalin “rush”. Some people may have more than one “addictive” behavior, stop one addiction then transfer to another, or have an “addictive personality”. 

Are you ready for Recovery? 

Email us for a quiz to see if you are ready once and for all for a lifetime of Intentional Recovery. 
Ask about our Recovery4Women local group and Tele-Group.

E-mail Counseling

Brief questions can usually be answered by email within 12-24 hours at a low fee. We offer one at a time, or a package of email sessions at affordable prices. We ask that you not give a lot of personal information as emails, even though they may be encrypted, may not be confidential. For our phone counseling clients, in addition to sessions by telephone, we may also include some of the following by email: informational and educational handouts questionnaires & quizzes, helpful resources & links, inspirational quotes, homework to complete before the next session, answers to occasional questions you may have. Referrals provided when appropriate.