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          Coaching with Dena J. Bower & Associates
Our coaching efforts focus on gently challenging, supporting and transforming our client's perceptions, assumptions, attitudes and behavioral responses in order to break down barriers and limitations, which leads to greater success in life, love and career.  
What Can Our Coaches Do For You?

With support, gentle challenging, occasional motivation and resources from your coach, you can achieve more than you ever thought possible! 

With one of our coaches, you can: 

  • Assess problem areas and potential problems - An objective look at what is happening, how and why you behave or respond the way you do, and provide options and strategies how you can more effectively utilize your strengths in life, relationships and work. 

  • Create an action plan to achieve your goals – Together, you and your coach will decide on goals, a timeline and strategies to put together to support your success in an achievable action plan.  

  • Gain a sense of responsibility, direction & stay on track - Be accountable to another person besides yourself to allow for achieving goals thought to be unattainable. Prior to each session, you will complete a Pre-Prep form to give your session direction and make the most of your time together. In each coaching call, you’ll identify 2-3 objectives for the following week so you’ll continually work towards, and experience, progress.

  • Eliminate distractions and energy-draining activities – Our coaches utilize a variety of tools to help you achieve greater focus and clarity about what is important and use your time more wisely. Together, you will identify and address barriers and blocks like stressors, clutter affecting your mental, relationship and living environments, difficulty in setting and maintaining boundaries or being assertive, among others, to help you have more freedom, control and joy in your life, relationships and work. 

  • Learn how to change ineffective thought and behavioral patterns – Often we stand in our own way – unconsciously. Your coach will help you identify thought processes and behavioral patterns that could be keeping you from being more successful, even sabotaging you! Learn the steps to make necessary changes for greater achievement in life, health and career.

  • Gain support and structure to achieve greater and faster success – Your coach will help you design a plan that will include the necessary structure to support your success in manageable and measureable increments to help you validate and motivate yourself along the way. 

  • Have an inspiring, encouraging and supportive advocate - Your coach is on your success team, supporting you in achieving what you need and want and encouraging you along your journey to get there. Remaining neutral, no judgments or criticisms, through occasional setbacks, and when you question your ability to reach your goals, your coach will support, inspire and motivate you to keep moving toward them. 

  • Work with someone who will attentively listen to you and give reality-based feedback - Your coach will be your best supporter through honesty and telling you like it really is. We are invested in your success along with you and may sometimes ask you some tough questions to help you gain insights, get to core issues and resolve them. 

  • Have help to get out of a “stuck” place - From time to time, you may get stuck and need a fresh set of eyes and an clearer mind to help you navigate from a “stuck” place. By learning from your coach’s knowledge, experiences and skills, and drawing from your own inner strength, you will learn how to overcome the challenges life presents to you. 

  • Create balance in your lifestyle and work – Too often we try to do it all, without the tools we need to be successful. Learning how to create greater balance between life and work means you can have the time and energy to do what you NEED to do and allow the time and energy for what you WANT to do.

  • Become inspired and encouraged to live a more authentic, intentional and fulfilling life.

                             We Provide Coaching For:

Because adequate time is needed for lasting change to occur, we have found that with regular scheduled sessions, practice and completion of homework assignments between sessions, typically people have needed a minimum of 3 months (12 sessions) to achieve goals. Occasionally, goal revisions may be necessary.  

What do successful athletes and executives know after working with a coach that you don’t? Find out today. Affordable Coaching Packages are available for everyone’s budget. 

 Contact us today to learn how you can achieve more with your own coach!

Businesses and Corporations

Coaching can help you and your employees by providing the opportunity to:

  • Assess, identify and address problems blocking greater overall success in your workforce and company

  • Help Executives and managers to learn how to lead with both their head & heart

  • Have teams learn to work more effectively together 

  • Teach your hard workers necessary “soft skills”

  • Professional Image Makeover- Includes body language, facial expressions, voice, image, attitudes & behaviors through video and audio assessment

  • Improve the “Human Resource” to increase the bottom line of your business

To request a coaching proposal for your Company, click here to be taken to our 
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     1)A brief description of your coaching needs.

     2)The main issue(s) interested in addressing (if known).

     3)The number of employees who would participate.

     4)Individual(s), Teams, Manger(s), Executive(s).

     5)Format needed –Telephone, E-mail; Skype; or In person on-site. 

     6)How soon you want to begin coaching (Please provide us with a time-frame).

Thank you for your interest in our services.  

We look forward to being of assistance to you and your company.

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