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Support Groups
Groups now forming include:


Christian-oriented Grief Support Group 6pm-7pm 

Meeting for 8 weeks in Hollywood, FL. A supportive group providing interactive discussion, strategies and resources to help you understand the grieving process and resolve your loss in life from a Christian perspective. $20/wk or $75/mo.  

Facilitated by Psychotherapist, Nick Caputo, LCSW  

Women's Empowerment Group 6:30pm-7:30pm 

Join a circle of women of like-minds, purpose and destiny in becoming the woman you always hoped to be. Find your inner wisdom, your voice, your own sense of Self, with the support of others to help you to move in a new, more positive direction with greater life purpose and intention. Six (6) Week Commitment. Meeting weekly. $125 or 2 payments of $75. 

Facilitated by: Rita Sordellini, EdS, LMHC.

Gay Men's Personal Growth Group 7:30pm-8:30pm  

A group to support gay men in their personal growth journey, addressing confidence, assertiveness, boundaries, healthy relationships, coping with stressors, communication skills and more.  Meeting weekly in Hollywood, FL $20/wk or $75/month. 

Facilitated by Psychotherapist, Nick Caputo, LCSW  


Anxiety & Depression Survival Skills 2pm-3pm 

A support group for adults suffering from anxiety and depression to help them gain connection with others, strategies to cope more effectively, learn how the body functions with anxiety and depression, gain resources and more. Meets weekly in Hollywood, FL. $75/month payable in advance.  

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Addiction Counselor Dena Bower, LCSW, CAP

Ladies’ Nite In - Recovery 4 Women Tele-Group 9pm-10pm

A group specially designed by Addiction Counselor and Recovery Coach Dena Bower for women who are clean and sober for 5 months or longer who want to understand importance of being physically and mentally healthy in recovery, gain life and recovery skills, resolve old issues, and heal childhood wounds to be more successful in recovery and life. Join other women on this journey to a more significant recovery – a Recovery of Self! Attend from the comfort of your home each week by telephone. $75/month payable in advance. 

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Addiction Counselor Dena Bower, LCSW, CAP


Women Professionals Power Lunch Tele-Group Noon-1pm 

As women, we lead non-stop, busy lives. Many of us have difficulty maintaining balance in our work and life. Conveniently from anywhere, meet 1st & 3rd Wed. each month by Telephone. Strategize, work on personal and professional development, make and achieve goals, move forward in life and work with greater success. $50/month payable in advance.  

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Coach Dena Bower, LCSW, CAP

Border Patrol: Reclaiming Personal Boundaries 7pm-8pm  

A group providing coaching for women who have difficulty setting and maintaining personal (and professional) boundaries. Gain skills, strategies and resources to improve your life through healthy boundaries. Meets weekly for 8 weeks. $150 payable in advance. (2 payments of $85 may be made)  

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Coach Sandra Landers, LCSW, CHt 

Caring for Caregivers Tele-Group 9pm-10pm  

A twice monthly group providing support, strategies, skills and resources for caregivers to learn how to cope with stress, loss of sleep, care for their loved ones and themselves. Meeting 1st & 3rd Thurs conveniently from anywhere by telephone. $40/month. 

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Coach Dena Bower, LCSW, CAP


Who's In Control? Anger Group 10am-11am  

Anger is a normal response in certain situations. It is how we respond that is important. This group will help you understand what anger is, how it affects your body and health, your life, relationships and work. Gain strategies & skills to effectively control your anger. Meeting weekly in Hollywood, FL. $20/week or $75/ per 4-week month.  

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Addiction Counselor Dena Bower, LCSW, CAP


Creative Woman Workshops 9:30am-4:30pm  

Workshops to help women to become economically self-sustaining. A series of 4 full-day workshops designed to educate women, who are out of work or have limited income, with ways to earn money through money literacy, creative projects & entrepreneurship. Meeting weekly for 4 weeks in Hollywood, FL. $250 (Lunch and educational materials included). Limited partial scholarships available.  

Facilitated by Psychotherapist and Coach Dena Bower, LCSW, CAP, and guest speakers.  

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