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Recovery 4 Women

You know that just being “clean and sober” doesn’t mean that you are in recovery. It means having, and working a plan – a plan for Intentional Recovery.  

Intentional Recovery is not a day-by-day philosophy, but rather a moment-by-moment way of living.

Our psychotherapists, addiction counselors and life, health & recovery coaches will work and help 
you to attain greater success in recovery, more than ever in the past, if you want it.

Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy 

Through individual sessions you will work closely with your own female therapist. You will gain the knowledge and skills to resolve the past hurts and traumas and heal your inner child. You will learn how to live and cope more effectively with life on life’s terms and accept yourself to become who you were meant to be.

Family Counseling

When you take the time to get to know who you are and how to stay in recovery, your family members may begin to act out in various ways to get your attention, to bring you back to the old and comfortable dysfunctional relationship you had while you were using. That’s what they know. You may want some family sessions after you work on yourself a bit to help them understand the importance of your journey into wholeness and how they can help.  

Couples’ Counseling

You may have been married or in a relationship before you started into the process of recovery. Partners may not understand addiction or the importance of the process and may actually be a hindrance, or toxic, in your recovery. Enough to cause relapse.  

This is not acceptable! You deserve better and educational and/or therapeutic sessions as a couple may be invaluable as a tool to your success with recovery.  

Support Groups

The dynamics of a support group can be very powerful attaining deeper success in resolving issues. Support groups should not be used in place of individual therapy, but instead be utilized in addition to individual sessions. 

Many issues will be addressed that are important in life in general as well as recovery. We will offer you information, opportunities to gain the skills and resources that will help you develop an awareness of the addiction process, strategies to get healthy and thrive in recovery.

Some of our women’s support groups will meet in our South Florida office while others will be convenient to anyone whether at home, office or traveling – by telephone.

Health & Nutrition

Your body has been through a lot when you were using. Now that you are clean & sober, it is important to get a health assessment, see what body systems are out of balance, what nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and hormones will need to be replenished and re-balanced to restore good health, all in order to control any cravings and avoid relapse.

Educational Classes

Some of our health, nutrition, mental health, recovery and personal & professional development classes are held in our office, but others will be provided by telephone or computer, making it convenient to attend from anywhere! Call or email us to be added to our e-list for updates.

One or Two Day Intensives

Some women may need a “break-through” in their recovery/ therapy which is why we also schedule a variety of Intensives throughout the year focusing on recovery and personal growth. Call or email us for scheduling dates & locations. 


One to four week retreats are being designed for women who want to focus on improving their overall health, healing their emotions and traumas, and build a strong foundation for life and recovery. Let us know if you are interested in registering as soon as possible since space is limited.

Self Care

Setting & Maintaining Healthy Boundaries

Affirmations & Positive Self-Talk

Stress Reduction

Communication with Self & Others

Being Assertive & Learning to Say “NO”

Overcoming Co-Dependency

Managing Dual Disorders

Nurturing & Healing Your Inner Child

Resolving Grief & Loss Issues

Improving Interpersonal Relationships

And, of course, Relapse Prevention 

Our Services Will Help You Focus on:

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