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    Dena J. Bower, LCSW, CAP

For more than 22 years, Dena has counseled adult rape, sexual abuse and domestic 
violence survivors; people with dual diagnosis, PTSD, addiction & recovery issues; 
codependency, life skills, stress-related, chronic and terminal physical illnesses; grief and loss, 
as well as family and relationship issues.  

Dena specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and incorporates the use of mindfulness, or intention, into the treatment of life transitions, depression, anxiety, addictions and emotional overeating. Dena runs a Cognitive Behavioral-based therapy group program for women. Focus of the groups include coping more effectively with depression and anxiety, overcoming abuse and PTSD, and gaining life and recovery skills to live life more successfully. 

Dena is also a skilled couples' therapist, helping people to see their relationships through a different perspective, to practice strategies to improve the relationship or decide how to end the relationship if it has become toxic and beyond repair. She leads full day Relationship Intensives for couples who want to work more intensely on their relationship issues. 

Dena emphasizes teaching people the life and recovery skills needed for successful living. She provides psychotherapy sessions in her office and by telephone throughout Florida;  

Dena received training as a Strategist Coach by Thomas Leonard, known as one of the “Father’s of Coaching” and founding owner of CoachU. Dena provides Coaching for life, health, recovery, small business and entrepreneurial and creative endeavors in her office, by telephone and by e-mail to people in English-speaking countries.

Dena trained to be a Tele-Class Leader, providing workshops by telephone and webinars. A variety of groups facilitated by Dena and her team of therapists and coaches are available in the office and some conveniently by telephone.  

Dena and members of her team are certified by the State of Florida to provide Supervision to Social Work Interns and Mental Health Counselor Interns and licensed Clinical Social Workers and Mental Health Counselors moving to Florida from other states seeking 491 Licensure.  

Also available are Informative, empowering and transformational Workshops in the office and by telephone, as well as full-day Intensives and Boot Camps for deeper work. 

The Crisis work she provided helped survivors of natural disasters, violent crimes, violence in the home and workplace. Right after September 11, 2001, Dena donated her time to provide 12 free crisis trainings by tele-classes to over 800 people from the U.S. and several other countries. She has facilitated Crisis Groups and Debriefings for Critical Incidents (CISD), and Pre-Crisis Training to prepare owners and managers to avoid and know how to manage crisis before it occurs and affects their workforce.

She has a holistic approach in her life and work addressing the mind, the body, and spiritual awareness of each client. Because of the importance of the bio-chemistry to balance the body and mind, Dena also received training in nutrition and how it impacts physical and mental health and overall general well-being. 

Dena is currently the Clinical Director of Counseling at Living Well Natural Health Center in Hollywood, Florida Dena oversees general services and an Intentional Recovery Program, helping people struggling with relapse & recovery to gain the necessary skills and education to make better choices and stay in recovery; and the Intentional Holistic Weight Loss Program at the center.

Dena is also the Founder and Director of Behavioral Training Institute (BTI), which offers continuing educational training (CEUs) for social workers, mental health counselors and marriage and family therapists and addiction counselors. Personal and professional development courses, Corporate trainings and workshops for the general public are also offered. They are packaged in a variety of learning formats including workshops, tele-classes, online, home study and e-courses.

Dena is a past chairperson and past member of the National Association of Social Workers, Florida Chapter, Broward County Unit, and was voted the 2007 Social Worker of the Year in Broward County.

She lectures and trains extensively through Florida and nationally in person, by Tele-Classes and Webinars. Feel free to contact Dena by calling 954-920-5020 or email at

Let Dena and her team help you on your Journey . . . 

Starting her educational foundation in nursing, Dena’s interest in behavior change grew out of her awareness of people limiting their lives through fears, lack of skills and poor decision-making, and led her to pursue a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies. Interested in a variety of factors influencing thinking and behavior, Dena earned her Master’s degree in Social Work (MSW) from Barry University School of Social Work. Dena furthered her education at Hanley Hazelden earning her Addiction Professional certification (CAP) which enabled her to provide treatment and recovery services.