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Life doesn't provide an instruction manual on how to handle life’s challenges. So we do the best we can with the tools, knowledge and skills that we have learned on our life path. When we leave the nest we take with us a certain set of beliefs and values that forms our unique life manual.   

Our mental & emotional foundation is formed and set by the time we are 6 years old. If we were given flawed, faulty, untrue or harmful beliefs and values, it is likely we will grow up with cracks and imperfections in our life's foundation. It may mean low self esteem and self worth, or having fears and insecurities. We may become demanding or emotionally needy, trying to manipulate others to get our needs met. The list goes on with many other character flaws and defense mechanisms that we can adopt as part of our survival.. our reality... our truth.  

But the wonderful thing is that you are not stuck with you! In fact, you are not even the same person now that you were last month. We can change as we become more consciously aware of our surroundings and what we believe, think, say and do. With proper help, it is possible to totally transform our attitudes, behaviors, habits and our lives. Change is a fact of nature, just look around you and see the constant changes. So why not you?


As you try to move forward in your life or attain greater success, are old attitudes, behavioral patterns or unresolved emotional issues holding you back? Are you having difficulty in relationships? Not coping well without alcohol, drugs, high risk (high-adrenalin and unsafe) behaviors? Counseling can help you develop a healthier sense of self, life and career strategies, create better options and resolve those long-standing problems once and for all.

Services include:

  • Counseling/Psychotherapy
  • Addiction & Recovery
  • Support Groups
  • Coaching
  • Trainings

We Can Help If You Have: 

  • Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addicts Issues
  • Adult Survivors of Abuse History
  • Anger/Conflict Issues
  • Anxiety 
  • Chemical Dependency/Substance Abuse/Addictions
  • Chronic Illness
  • Codependency and Enabling Attitudes & Behaviors
  • Depression
  • Disability – Adjustment Issues
  • Divorce and Pre-Divorce Issues
  • Health-related Issues
  • Interpersonal and Social Skills Problems
  • Lifestyle Change or Makeover Interest
  • Marriages in Need of Repair or Resolution
  • Military Spouses/Life Partners Difficulties
  • Parenting & Co-Parenting Issues
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Pre-Marital Counseling Interest
  • Recovery Issues
  • Relationship Questions & Issues
  • Self-Esteem Issues
  • Separation/Civilized, Compassionate Divorce
  • Stress Disrupting Your Life, Health or Work
  • Transition Problems in Life or Work 
  • Trauma/Traumatic Stress
  • Victim of Crime - Stress Response     (Victims of some violent crimes with a police report may    qualify for free counseling through the Florida Crime Victim Compensation Fund)
  • Women in Military (Deployed, Reserves, Veterans and Retired) - Readjustment, Life/Role Transition, Traumatic Stress Issues (including military trauma and assault)

"To create effective change in the world, we must first fearlessly look within and change ourselves. Clear away the debris of previous days to be an instrument of purposeful change in the present and future."   ~ Dena Bower
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